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Total Knee Patient Anonymous

Dear Dr. Klaassen,

I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you greatly for the service you provided for me. It has been amazing the improvement I am experiencing. A while back before I knew it was a hip problem I guess I felt it was all the aging process and I was wondering with the deterioration in my abilities etc how I would be in another 5 years.

Last Tuesday I went to racquetball expecting to gingerly start getting back to the sport, but played ‘cutthroat’ which is 3 people (less demanding for first time). I had no problem playing 1 hour with minimal discomfort later. Friday and then this Tuesday was full go singles for an hour with basically no discomfort at all. It is a real blessing to be able to stand straight and bend my leg almost as the left already. So thanks again so much. It is giving me a greater outlook on life going forward.

Have a wonderful holidays

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