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Making a Difference

Current Research

Dr. Klaassen is presently involved in five clinical research studies, testing new innovative products and techniques in joint replacement. Studying advances in healthcare to increase quality and efficiency and decrease cost. Testing exciting biotechnology harnessing your own body’s healing ability. Working closely with engineers and developers from ZimmerBiomet and researchers at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Klaassen has been featured in multiple publications in diverse journals including the Journal of Arthroplasty and biomaterials journals.

Fueling Medical Breakthroughs

Dr. Klaassen is a pioneer in advancing the use of patient autologous platelets to expedite the healing process following joint replacement surgery. Platelets are cell fragments which contain properties that support healing, infection control & release growth factors. The growth factors play a key role in soft tissue repair.

Advancing Solutions for the Future

As an Orthopedic Device Consultant and Developer for Zimmer-Biomet, OrthoSensor & Iconacy for 25 years, Dr. Klaassen feels collaboration among all facets of the industry is a critical component of improving patient care. The interaction between physicians and engineers blends the expertise of two disciplines for the sole purpose of advancing orthopedic implant devices.

Transferring Knowledge

Dr. Klaassen has been a longtime advocate for education and extending knowledge to the next generation of physicians. As a mentor to over 150 physicians around the world, Dr. Klaassen has been able to bring change and improvement in joint replacement. Dr. Klaassen has over 20 fellows in Latin America who learned joint replacement under his guidance and are now spreading that education and knowledge in their own countries. Dr. Klaassen also has Indiana University and Notre Dame students who follow and observe him in the operating room.

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