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Patient Reviews

“So far, so good.”

“I know I can trust Dr. Klaassen and his team to make the best decisions for my health needs. This is the fourth replacement he has done for me and I am pleased with them all.”

“I felt very comfortable asking the doctor anything especially of expectations afterwards.”

“The further I went through recovery, the more I cane to appreciate the caring of the surgical staff”

“Dr. Klassen and Rosemary are very caring and helpful. Haven’t had much experience with the rest of the team.”

“When I had questions or concerns, they responded in timely fashion. Their answers were clear and concise to the questions I raised.”

“Always willing to listen and to respond to questions.”

“I felt the Dr. and the team worked together well to make sure I know what to expect, and and what was expected of me.”

“Polite and encouraging.”

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